The Importance of IT Asset Management

Why every business needs clear IT Asset Management

Every modern business spends a great deal of both time and money on IT equipment, software and services. Its critically important to know where the money is being spent, how its being used and use the available resources as efficiently as possible.

Compliance is just as important. Knowing you have the proper number of licenses, assigned to the right people, will prevent 'software shock' - that day you realize the company is using software illegally and must absorb a large, unplanned expense to buy the required number of licenses. The cost purchase licenses can really add up. The cost for non-compliance (a.k.a. piracy) can be immeasurable.

For IT hardware and software assets, companies need a LOT more than simple asset stickers with a record of the purchase date and price.

To adequately track IT assets you need to know when it was purchased, what version, what condition its in, any warranty or service agreements attached, where it is, and who its assigned to. Having this level of information will help you plan for upgrades, new purchases, and projects as well as providing a clear 'dashboard' view of what specific systems, software or departments are costing.

Cordeos offers a complete IT asset management system either hosted, managed, or completely outsourced based on our web-based Aphiniti Asset Management System:

For more information about Aphiniti IT Asset Management please contact our Aphiniti development and technical team at developers [] aphiniti [] com

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